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                                 Seismic contact modeling of three-dimensional structures
                                     based on the node-to-segment contact technique

                              ZHONG Hong,GUO Shengshan,TU Jin,LI Deyu,WANG Haibo
                                (China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research,Beijing  100048,China)

                   Abstract:For engineering structures such as arch dams and rock slopes,sliding may take place along the joint
                   surfaces and cracks due to strong earthquake shocks,and thus the contact modeling of the surfaces is important
                   to the seismic safety evaluation of the structures. For the case of large sliding along the contact faces,a procedure
                   based on the node-to-segment(NTS) contact technique and dynamic contact force model is presented. The dy⁃
                   namic contact force model is reformulated to couple with the NTS technique. Based on the master-slave tech⁃
                   nique,global searching is used to reduce the searching effort,and the inside-outside technique is employed for
                   local searching to determine the contact pairs,by which the dead zone problem typical in classic NTS algorithm
                   can be avoided,therefore improving the accuracy and efficiency. The presented procedure is verified by the stabil⁃
                   ity analysis of a wedge. By introducing seismic excitation,the dynamic stability of the wedge is investigated,and
                   the results are compared with those of the node-to-node(NTN) technique. It’s found that the response of the
                   wedge by using the NTS technique is greater than that of the NTN technique,and this difference increases as the
                   amplitude of acceleration time history increases. This model is also applied to the seismic analysis of an arch dam.
                   It’ found that for a relatively small earthquake,both of the contact models lead to consistent results. For a very
                   strong earthquake,however,when significant displacement of the contraction joints occur,the response obtained
                   by the NTN model is smaller,which is especially true for the stress response. So for the cases with significant slid⁃
                   ing of contact faces,the NTS contact technique is preferable as it can reflect the real situation better.
                   Keywords:contact modeling;earthquake;node-to-segment contact;dynamic contact force model;wedge stabil⁃
                   ity;arch dam;contraction joint

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