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从识别结果看,在地震对应的上游 568m ,下游 378 m 水位情况下,溪洛渡拱坝的基频为 1.19
               Hz,对应的一阶振型为反对称振型,二阶频率 1.50 Hz,对应二阶振型为正对称振型; 第三阶频率
               1.67 Hz,对应振型为反对称振型,更高阶的 2.33 Hz 和 2.60 Hz 模态对应的高阶振型有明显拐点变
               化。所识别的五个模态的阻尼比为 2.6~5.4%。
                   总体上,本次强震记录的坝体地震响应较小,最大峰值加速度 8.62 gal,获得有效记录的测点并

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                                 Modal identification of an arch dam with seismic records

                                   WANG Haibo ,XU Lianghua ,LIAO JianXin ,LI Deyu     1
                               (1. China Institute of Water Resource and Hydropower Research,Beijing  100048,China;
                                  2. China Three Gorges Projects Development Co.,Ltd.,Chengdu  610000, China)
                   Abstract:Xiluodu is the 2  largest hydropower station of China,its arch dam is equipped with 27 strong
                   seismometers for seismic monitoring. Several felt earthquakes happened near the dam site region since the
                   monitoring system was put into operation in 2016. The largest acceleration recorded on the dam top was
                   8.62gal due to the earthquake dated May 8, 2018 with a Richter magnitude of M3.8. Modal identification
                   of the dam was carried out with the acceleration recorders on the dam of the earthquake based time do⁃
                   main modal identification technique. The results indicate that the first vibration mode is anti-symmetric in
                   arch direction with a characteristic frequency of 1.19Hz, the second one is symmetric at 1.50Hz, and the
                   third one is again anti-symmetric at 1.67Hz. In the higher modes of 2.33Hz and 2.60Hz, the turning
                   points are obvious.
                   Keywords:Xiluodu arch dam; modal parameters; system identification; strong seismic records


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